Data captured from the CASPER STUDY in the communities of Del Amo and West Long Beach

WCWLB and Del Amo Locations

Del Amo - PM2.5 Data Overview

The daily averages extracted from this data offer a granular perspective on the PM2.5 levels in the Del Amo region. By capturing the subtle day-to-day variations, this information becomes a crucial tool for understanding the region’s air quality dynamics and forming effective strategies to mitigate pollution’s adverse effects on both human health and the environment.

Del Amo - Daily and Monthly averages

The Casper study meticulously recorded the daily averages of PM2.5 levels in the Del Amo area. This comprehensive monitoring effort unveiled the intricate patterns and fluctuations in air quality, shedding light on potential health and environmental consequences. The study’s insights emphasize the urgency of implementing proactive measures to address PM2.5 pollution and ensure the welfare of the local community

WCWLB - PM2.5 Data Overview

Daily averages reveal the PM2.5 levels in WCWLB. This data is vital for understanding air quality changes, making smart pollution-fighting strategies for health and the environment.

WCWLB - Daily averages vs SC AQMD

The Casper study meticulously tracked daily PM2.5 levels in the WCWLB area, unveiling the intricate patterns of air quality and highlighting potential health and environmental consequences.